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Measuring and testing


Limited liability company “Center of Innovative Technologies“ offers solutions in the field of measuring geometric parameters, the structure of the objects under study, as well as investigating the physical properties of the materials.


  • Contact: coordinate measuring machines (CMM), hardness measuring instruments, profile meters etc.;
  • Non-contact: optical, laser, roentgen, Doppler, x-ray etc.


Mechanical tests are used to reveal materials behavior in certain states under tension.

Such tests allow obtaining important information about strength and elasticity of metal and are used for quality control and to define if the metals’ properties correspond to the required parameters.

We offer equipment for the following tests – bending, twisting, low-cycle fatigue tests/ thermal mechanical fatigue, multiaxial tests, high-cycle fatigue tests, flaking, durability and friction, expansion, rheology, shift, compression, firmness, heat, bumping tests, cycling tests.

Interaction to a wide range of manufacturers of the equipment and engineering companies in this market segment allows us to find individual solutions for each client.