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Audit. Development of the concept


Predevelopment analysis and technology audit

CIT has a considerable experience in carrying out predevelopment analysis and technology audit in the sphere of hi-tech.

In each case we use individual approach and create a workgroup consisting of Russian and foreign experts in the corresponding fields.

Expert group of scientists and process engineers is being recruited on the basis of analytical research of the up-to-date scientific works, technology & equipment market, relevant institutions and engineering companies.

Concept development  

The results of the audit and strictly formulated requirements of the customer are a necessary basis for development of the concept for the research laboratory creation or the equipment complex to be purchased.

Together with the customer and engineering partners CIT is engaged in developing of the project concept, and later in formulating strict requirements to the future object.

The management of the project is being done under the principles of openness and transparency regarding all the members – as for the customer so for the recruited coexecutives. Our Partners highly value this principle.