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Forming a powerful and up-to-date research basis is already not just a trend, but an urgent necessity. The range of problems solved by an innovative enterprise or scientific institution is quite wide – looking for a solution and a reasonable choice of the parameters of the equipment under consideration, technological and economical basis for the necessity of modernization, searching for the investment sources, development of the financing scheme for the project, organizing the import of the equipment and much more.

Our company successfully solves these problems and nowadays it has experience in the following technological sectors:

  • Analytical technologies
  • Metal processing
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Measurements and testing
  • New materials
  • Biotechnologies and medicine

We use complex approach in our services, but each of them nevertheless is separate and can be executed alone as per the requirements of the client:

  • Auditing and development of the concept
  • Analytics of the existing technological solutions
  • Organizing the supply of imported equipment
  • Complex construction of labs
  • Maintenance

We assist our clients of research sphere in supply of tools enabling them to make their activities more effective at the R&D stage with further commercializing of the projects.