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Testing center for FCC catalysts





The center performs scientific researches for optimizing the effectiveness of industrial catalysts and improving technological parameters of catalyst cracking for petroleum-refining concerns in Russian Federation.
Besides, the equipment in the laboratory will be used for study of catalysts properties  and realization of the following tests in accordance with the world modern standards:

  • Determination of the catalysts performance
  • MAT (Micro Activity Testing)
  • Researching of emulate distillation of hydrocarbon (SimDis method)
  • Analysis of component gas fraction for cracking process (HS RGA)• Analysis of component gasoline cut for cracking.
  • Determination of gasoline octane number
  • Determination of CO oxidant activity
  • Deactivation of fresh catalysts using different methods for attainment the best qualities of equilibrium catalysts
  • Quantity analysis of volatile flux
  • Determination of coke content
  • Determination of elemental constituents
  • Determination of elementary cell size for zeolite
  • Determination of surface area
  • Determination of water pore size
  • Determination of  bulk weight
  • Determination of fractional composition (practicle size)
  • Making tabor abrasion tests

Scientific cluster created at PERM NATIONAL RESEARCH POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY allows to execute a full range of catalysts FCC researches and tests in a short time using the modern equipment at the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS.

Moreover, there are only a few similar independent services in the world and this laboratory definitely stays unique for the Russian Federation and CIS.


  • The concept development
  • Supply of equipment Construction of the gas facility infrastructure
  • The equipment installation and accessing to the engineering systems
  • The starting-up and adjustment and integration the equipment to unified complex