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Scientific and Educational Center of Applied Chemical and Biological Researches



Perm National Research Polytechnic University

Research and Education Center of Applied Chemical and Biological Researches


REC started their activities in 2012 as a part of PNRPU to ensure interdisciplinary cooperation of technical and biological specialties to expand the boundaries of traditional academic disciplines to help solve global health and social problems of society.


The development of innovative pharmaceuticals and diagnostic tools.

Areas of activity:

  • Creation of new promising materials for the development based on medicaments for treating the diabet;
  • Identify the contribution of the immune system to the pathogenesis of diabetes (research conducted at the Institute of Ecology and Genetics of Microorganisms, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences);
  • Trainings for young researchers and teachers in the EPFL;
  • Conduct quarterly seminars to discuss the most pressing issues in the field of diabetes and metabolic diseases;
  • Budgeting of post-graduate students, young scientists and teachers working on the implementation of projects of the Program to take part in international conferences;
  • Holding an annual international symposium regarding
  • of diabetes and metabolic diseases;
  • Information for people with diabetes;
  • Purchasing  of new diagnostic equipment.


Analytical chemistry

Multi-functional microplate reader (photometer / luminometer / fluorimeter) Infinite M1000

Tecan, Switzerland

Top class microplate reader offering outstanding performance for demanding applications in drug discovery and live sciences research.

The premium Quad4 Monochromators™ technology of the Infinite M1000 PRO plate reader offers total freedom of wavelength selection and instant access to new wavelengths as your assay requirements change.

The modular architecture is ideally suited to researchers as well as service providers, allowing customers to configure the instrument to their budget and detection demands.

Outstanding flexibility, sensitivity and speed at a glance:

  • Multi-channel absorbance
  • AlphaScreen® and AlphaLISA® technology
  • Fluorescence intensity (FI) top reading, including TRF and TR-FRET/HTRF®*
  • Fluorescence intensity bottom reading
  • Excitation, emission, absorbance and 3D scans
  • Flexible wavelength selection from UV to NIR
  • Adjustable bandwidth settings (patented)
  • Fast fluorescence polarization
  • Luminescence: attenuation capability of high light levels, luminescence scan, luminescence color-filters
  • z-Focusing in all top reading modes
  • NanoQuant Plate compatibility

Analytical HPLC system Shimadzu Prominence XR

Shimadzu, Japan

It is used to analyze sample purity compounds, reaction mixtures and biological samples.

UFLC realizes both high speed and analytical precision/reliability to achieve true analytical productivity enhancement.

Liquid chromatography separation speed becomes faster using analytical columns with ultra-fine particle packing and by increasing the mobile phase flow rate. When the actual analysis time is reduced, other factors required for the analytical cycle time become important, such as time required for autosampler injection movement, gradient delay time and system conditioning time.

Prominence UFLC offers the solution for these factors, greatly reducing the total analysis cycle time, which ultimately enhances laboratory productivity.

Preparative HPLC Knauer Azura

Knauer GmbH, Germany

Well-proven system for biochromatography use sophisticated instrument and softaware solutions to achieve high quality separations. Stay flexible with AZURA preparative HPLC and use flow rates from 0.1 up to 1000 ml/min. Handle sample volumes easily and inject them via sample loop or directly onto the column. Solvent recycling reduces solvent consumption at high flow rates and peak recycling leads to improved separation of suboptimally separated peaks. A fractionation valve enables sample fractionation without an additional fraction collector.

LCMS-8030 Triple Quadrupole Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (LC-/MS/MS)

The LCMS-8030 is a workhorse system designed to deliver long-term stability and reliable data. The LCMS-8030 uses the proven ionization source originally developed on Shimadzu's single quadrupole mass spectrometer because it minimizes instrument downtime. Chemically resistant ion optics provide consistent performance between maintenance intervals.

Organic Synthesis

Automated Microwave Sample Preparation System for Organic Analysis Discover SP-X

CEM Corp., USA

The cavity of the Discover SP-X is specifically designed to maintain the optimum amount of energy for the programmed reaction. Microwave energy raises the solvent temperature above the boiling point, allowing for higher extraction efficiencies. Samples are processed using programmed methods, ensuring uniformity of extraction times and conditions. Method programming is intuitive and the system features a library of pre-set methods.

The compact system features simple set-up and operation. Vessels are available in 35- and 80-mL sizes with simple snap-on caps. The optional automation deck allows technicians to work on other tasks while the Discover SP-X runs unattended, even overnight. 


Rotary evaporator RV 10 digital V-C

IKA®-Werke, Germany

Designed for laboratory distillation tasks. It consists of Vertical glassware (other options available), Various flask sizes,  Vacuum connection plus, Woulf bottle Highly solvent-resistant PTFE seal, Adjustable safety stop, Two displays for optimal view, Heating bath can be used separately, Ergonomic carrying handles on heating bath. Can be moved by 150 mm to accommodate different flasks. Motorised height-adjustable lift. Lift raised automatically in case of power outage. Choice of angle.

OptiMelt Automated Melting Point System

Stanford Research Systems (SRS), United States

Automatic system for the determination of the melting temperature OptiMelt provides fast and accurate measurement of the melting point of chemical substances.

In one session you can explore up to 3 samples.

Magnetic stirrer

IKA®-Werke, Germany

Made for mixing of solutions with simultaneous heating of the sample. The equipment set temperature by means of a contact thermometer accurately and efficiently maintain. It equipped with a powerful motor and chemically resistant plate.

Magnetic Stirrers IKA consume 25% less electricity than counterparts of other manufacturers, so the IKA equipment do not harm the environment and reduce energy costs.

Ultrasonic baths


Suitable for washing glassware, tools and accessories using ultrasound. It also can be used for mixing, preparation of solutions, suspensions and slurries, degassing  of liquids and extraction.


Cellular and Molecular Biology

Binocular microscope with a video camera Biomed 6 camera TC-1.3

Biomed, Russia

The microscope made for observing objects in transmitted light with illumination with brightfield method, and also at optional equipment with phase contrast and darkfield methodes.



Inverted Microscope Binocular Biomed 4E

Biomed, Russia

The microscope made for observing objects in transmitted light with illumination with brightfield method in a special laboratory glassware. The inverted construction of the microscope (illumination of the object from above, but the observation from the bottom) enables setting of laboratory glassware, as well as viewing the nutrient medium over the monolayer.

Magnification: 40-600 times more.

Carbon dioxide incubator CB 210 with spinner system for 6 bottles

BINDER GmbH, Germany

CO2-incubator with a rotary system.

The equipment  for cultivation of cells and tissue cultures allows to do advanced study of cell and tissue cultures, testing drugs on differentiated cells-targets, work with stem cells, to assess the metabolic processes of transformation.

Laminar flow hood


Vertical laminar flow cabinets are designed for creation of dust free abacterial air environment. They are used for work with low-risk substances and bacterial cultures, for protection of working materials from contaminated environment and for carrying out experiments in sterile working conditions.

The cabinets are designed only for protection of products harmless for personnel and the environment.

Vertical electrophoresis chamber for the VE-20

Heliconia, Russia

Equipment made for gel-electrophoresis allows to do the native and denaturing separation of proteins in polyacrylamide gel (simple and gradient), isoelectric focusing, two-dimensional electrophoresis.


System for visualization of biological processes in vivo PhotonIMAGERtm OPTIMA

Biospace Lab, France

PhotonIMAGERtm - modular high-sensitivity imaging system for non-destructive dynamic detection, localization and quantification of the optical signal of the fluorescent label that implemented in live animals. Unique photon detection technology makes this system highly sensitive both in imaging and recording of dynamic processes.

Stellar telemetry system for animals

TSE, Germany

The implantable telemetry system for rats and mice, measuring blood pressure, ECG and temperature.


• Implantable sensors Stellar Implantable Transmitter Rodents 170g + (430001-IMP-02);

• Receiver Stellar Receiver (430001-REC-01);

• Software for the analysis of the pressure LabScribe2 ™ iWorx BP Analysis Software Module (430001-SW-A-BP-01);

Software for the analysis of electrocardiograms LabScribe2 ™ iWorx ECG Analysis Software Module (430001-SW-A-ECG-01).

The calorimeter system for animals

TSE, Germany

Modular high performance survey system for measuring specific behavioral and physiological functions of phenotype of small laboratory animal in the home mew:

• Separation and time characteristics of urine and feces of rats and mices;

• Special funnel with repellent coating: very accurate measurement;

• Evaluation of fluid intake and feed;

• Programmable access control;

• The preference / choice of food and liquids;

• Measurement of body weight.

The system for evaluating the metabolism of animals PhenoMaster

TSE, Germany


• The device for drying CaloSys High Speed ​​Sensoring Extension (994620-CS-HSP-01);

• The automated calibration gas Automated Gas Calibration Module;

• A flow measuring device Flowmeter System for CaloSys (994 620-FC);

• Cage CaloCage Rat STANDARD (994620-CS-KR-1);

• Gas calibrator CO2 (994620-KK-CO2);

• Gas calibrator O2 (994620-KK-O2).


Equipment for determining the pain sensitivity of small laboratory animals

TSE, Germany

Behavioral and physiological experiments on laboratory animals allows to comprehensively study the effect of different factors and drugs to the degenerative processes in the body and to develop effective treatment regimens.

1. Set the "hot plate"

"Hot Plate Advanced" system allows to do the classic test "hot plate", which is sparing analgesia model studies with respect to the animal and allows to investigate changes in pain sensitivity is almost at the threshold level. The test evaluated the pain reflex contact the paws of the animal with a hot surface. The measured characteristic is the time before the withdrawal of the hind paw and / or jump.

2. System "Tail Flick Advanced" studies for analgesic properties of drugs by the reaction of the animals tail to infrared radiation

"Tail Flick Advanced" system designed to evaluate the analgesic effect of drugs on the sensitivity of the animal's tail to the searing light beam generated by the device. The test measures the latency of tail-flick.

3. Equipment "Randall-Selitto Advanced" research for analgesic properties of the compounds by reaction of the mechanical pressure on the limb of animals.

System Randall-Selitto Advanced allows to study the pressure on the leg of an animal by the method of Randal and lodges. Such a test can be carried out both on normal and on inflamed limb.

4. A system for determining the grip strength of the forelimbs of small laboratory animals

5. Measuring the force of muscle contraction (power) rats

6. Installation for the study of anti-inflammatory properties of the compounds

Designed for automatic registration of change of the volume in the paw inflammation.

Biochemical analyzer Stat Fax 4500

Awareness Technology Inc., US

Key features:

• Open system for any methods and reagents;

• Built-in thermostat for 12 tubes;

• Filters 340, 405, 505, 545, 580 and 630 nm;

• Built-in software to build and edit calibration;

• Non-volatile memory for 50 tests;

• All the basic methods of measurement and calculation.

Urine analyzer LabUReader

77 Elektronika Kft., Hungary

Designed for urine analysis in laboratories with an average volume of research.

Portable analyzer "LabUReader" supports the ability to save up to 3000 measurements, as well as a printout of the results on the integrated thermal printer. It is also possible to connect to a PC for storage and print the results on an external printer.

Centrifuge SM-12

Factory HB Group, Russia

Centrifuge SM-12 (4000 vol. / Min., 12 vials) made for quickly separate the mixture into fractions as well as for the preparation of solutions.

Laboratory for the maintenance of experimental  on animals

1. Cages for rodents

Tray made of polypropylene allow any sanitization, including autoclaving. A reinforced flanging on the upper edge, which prevents cracking and increases service life. The grid of stainless steel designed for long service life.

2. Chambers for the individual animals

The camera is designed for seating animals after surgery, during the pharmacological experiments. Luggage occupies relatively little space, but at the same time providing enough space animal horizontally and vertically. Using seedling cells reduces the amount of stressful manipulation mice (such as finding the right animal in the overall cell, etc.). The cameras are indispensable during acute toxicology studies.

Equipment "Open Science" to assess the effect of compounds on the central nervous system

1. The "open field" for rats / mice

The unit is designed to study the behavior of rodents in the new (stressful) conditions and allows to evaluate: the extent and dynamics of individual behavioral elements; the level of emotional and behavioral reactivity of the animal ("sedation-agitation"); Strategy Research / defensive behavior; addiction (habituation); memorize situational stimuli (eg, in the paradigm of "object recognition"); symptoms of neurological deficit; locomotor stereotypes caused by the introduction of YES-mimetics.

2. The "Radical 8 hung sleeve labyrinth"

The equipment is designed for the study of spatial memory. The design of the radial maze allows easy modify it according to the experimental protocol.

3. The "dark chamber with holes"

The unit is designed to study the behavior of rodents in terms of free choice and allows to evaluate: the preference of the dark / light, expressiveness and dynamics of looking out behavior, decision-making out of the chamber. It is used as a predictor of the individual test level of emotional reactivity (in conjunction with the test "Open Field" et al.), And can also serve as a source of further information concerning anxiogenic / anxiolytic properties of the test compounds.

Optional equipment

Lyophilizer VaCo 2-II

Zirbus technology GmbH, Germany

Freeze drying - is a method of mild drying of substances in which the substance is frozen and dried by vacuum sublimation of the solvent occurs.

The method of freeze-drying is used for the required duration of preservation and storage of various products of biological origin, for the drying of aqueous solutions of compounds in biological fluids and samples.

Lyophilizer is equipped with a microprocessor control unit and an automatic program lyophilization.


Vacuum Centrifugal Concentrator Savant SpeedVac SPD1010

Thermo Scientific, Finland

Designed for concentration and evaporation of chromatographic fractions and preparations samples.


Vacuum drawer-type drying stove SHSV-65 / 3.5

It is intended for low-temperature heat treatment of a wide range of materials in the air and in vacuum at temperatures up to 350 °C.

The set includes a vacuum pump, vacuum lines and oil trap. Microprocessor automatically maintain the desired temperature.

Drawer-type drying stove AL-80-01 SPU

Designed for drying and air sterilization of glass, ceramics, food and other industrial materials.


• Equilibrium distribution of the tepereture in the working space

• Temperature setting and temperature regulation;

• Automatic countdown and display predetermined time intervals indication

• Automatic temperature control in the working space;

• Constrained air circulation for the AL-80-01 SPU with a maximum operating temperature of 350 °C;

• Digital data display of current and set temperature.