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Research laboratory of earth's formations properties



Perm National Research Polytechnic University


Microfocus X-ray inspection system capable computer tomography based on XT H 225 and developed by Nikon Metrology.

The system meant for fluoroscopy in real-time mode, crack detection, rock-mass porosity analysis of different materials and researches of the core samples fluid content with the quantitative assessment of water and oil saturation.

The operating peculiarity of the system is “X-raying” of controllable object with receiving X-ray image on detection unit. X-ray inspection method is a method of non-destructive testing of various objects, including research of earth's formations. Using fluoroscopy can be perform the quality control of welded joints, monitoring the presence of voids in size of material and heterogeneous inclusions and determinate the structural and textural characteristics of earth's formations - reservoirs of oil and gas.

Computer tomography method used for more complete and qualitative analysis of the object, that allows to carry out layer-to-layer analysis of controlling objects and also to compare of 3D computer tomography data with the original CAD-models of the object.

Computerized tomography based on a set of X-ray images of the controllable object at different sides. With next reconstruction of sections (or 3D model) using typed collection of X-ray images and complex mathematical apparatus.

The system using a two emission sources that extend of the objects scanning range:

  • 225 Kb emission source (reflection type) with a focal spot size less than 3 microns (at 80 kV and 80 mA) allows to scan large objects (more than 1 mm), which require more power;
  • 160 kV emission source (non-reflection type) with a focal spot size less than 1 micron (at 80 kV and 80 mA) allows you to scan objects ultrafine (less than 1 mm) with high resolution (up to 1 micrometer).

Large high contrast detector (40cm * 40cm) allows to catch all small changes in X-ray density of the scanned object material, thereby enhancing the quality of the scan.