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Optical analyzer of particle size and shape



Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences


Axio Observer A1.m is designed for research of large details in metallography. Microscope works manually, without motorization. Designed for routine work.


  • Encoded components allow communication between the microscope, AxioCam camera, and AxioVision imaging software, keeping track of the objective, calibration, optical technique, tube lens, lighting parameters, and motorized X/Y stage parameters and coordinates (D1m and Z1m only)
  • 12.5-1500X optical magnification range
  • Optional Optovar tube lens (1.25, 1.6, 2.5X) allows higher range of magnification up to 3750X
  • 6-position objective turret offers 1.25 to 150X objective magnification without exchange
  • Innovative contrast techniques: advanced darkfield, C-DIC
  • Apochromatic corrected Kohler illuminated light path
  • Sturdy mechanical X/Y stage with low position coaxial controls (left or right), minimum 130 x 85 mm range
  • LCD indicates objective magnification and lamp voltage
  • Full integration with AxioVision provides automatic scaling when changing objectives to ensure accurate measurements (D1m and Z1m only)
  • Light manager, which stores illumination settings of each objective and contrast technique, recalled automatically as each objective is positioned
  • Low-position fine and coarse focus knobs
  • Excellent for large or heavy specimens
  • Photoport for digital, video or 35 mm SLR cameras
  • 12 V/100 W halogen light source with built-in power supply (mercury or xenon illumination available)