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Microfocus system based on X-ray Machine



Perm State University


Center for Innovative Technologies Ltd. supplied microfocus system of X-ray inspection based on industrial CT scanning Nikon Metrology XT H 225. Nikon Metrology XT H 225 is an X-ray viewing system that involve X-ray camera that is perfect for working with a wide range of objects in real-time mode. Moreover it is used for computerized tomography of the objects. This system allows to make potentials difference in X-ray scanner until 225 Kbps with X-ray capacity in 225 Watt. In other words the equipment is allowed to get high-visibility image using the flat panel of high resolution receiver.

As a result existence of the protective walls at the system, the penetration of radiation into the environment is less than 1 mSv / h (0.1 mR / hr). And this allows using the system in any room. Fluoroscopy system Nikon Metrology XT H 225 ST fully meets to the international safety standards. It is including enhanced protection of the operator (visual and audible warnings, automatic shutdown of X-rays when the door opens, and others.)

«Inspect-X» is powerful software with interactive and user-friendly interface. Machine allows making easy and quick objects control and also type the data onto a keyboard for CT(computer tomography). Received images can be analyzed in interactive on-line or post processing mode. The fast simulation of 3D objects with following analysis available, because 64-bit PC Volume Graphics VG StudioMax has already been added to the system.

Structure characteristics of X-rays system:

  • X-ray tube
  • High-voltage generator and controlling system
  • Vacuum-pumping system
  • Standard included filters

Activity consumption quantity:

  • Packaged supply of equipment
  • Commissioning and start up and adaptation
  • Check-out and staff training