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Laboratory of plastic materials





The general directions of researches using the lab equipment: analysis of thermophysical, rheologic and theromechanical characteristics of materials and products.

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On rheometer:

  • Determination of viscoelastic properties for liquid materials.
  • Construction of temperature dependence of elastic modulus and viscosity modulus.
  • Construction of temperature and shear rate dependence for the liquid materials viscosity.
  • Defining of relaxation modulus for stress.

On DSC Q2000:

  • Construction of temperature dependence for material heat content.
  • Determination of transformation temperature.
  • Construction of temperature dependence for specific heat capacity.

On DMA Q800:

  • Determination of elasticity modulus for soft and inflexible materials.
  • Determination of viscoelastic properties for solid materials.
  • Evaluation of viscoelastic linear region for materials.
  • Research of the Mullins’s effect for elastomers.
  • Defining of relaxation modulus for stress.
  • Construction of stress-strain for films and fibers.
  • Determining of thermal expansion coefficient for materials.
  • Determination of tensile yield.
  • Determination of transformation temperature.
  • Construction of temperature dependence for elastic modulus and viscosity modulus.
  • Determination of Young's modulus.

On AR2000ex:

  • Construction of applied load dependence for deformation.
  • Determination of Young's modulus.
  • Determination of breaking force.
  • Static tests of materials and products to bending and compression.

The key equipment of laboratory:

Differential scanning calorimeter DSC Q2000

The Q2000 is a research-grade DSC with superior  performance in baseline flatness, precision, sensitivity, and resolution. Advanced Tzero® technology and multiple exclusive hardware and software features make the Q2000 powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use. Modulated DSC® and a reliable 50-position autosampler are available as options. An additional high-value feature is Platinum™ software, which permits automatic scheduling of tests designed to keep the Q2000 consistently in top operating condition. Available accessories, such as a new photocalorimeter, pressure DSC, and the widest array of cooling devices, make the Q2000 a DSC well-equipped to satisfy the most demanding researcher.

Dynamic mechanical analyzer DMA Q800

The Q800 is the world’s best-selling DMA, for very good reason. It utilizes state-of-the-art, non-contact, linear drive technology to provide precise control of stress, and air bearings for low friction support. Strain is measured using optical encoder technology that provides unmatched sensitivity and resolution. With its unique design, the Q800 easily outperforms competitive instruments and is ideal for high-stiffness applications, including composites.

Rotary rheometer AR 2000ex

AR 2000ex rheometer design includes a unique ultra-low inertia drag cup motor and porous carbon air bearings for outstanding controlled stress, direct strain and controlled rate performance. The AR 2000ex features the original “Smart Swap” quick interchanging and self-configuring environmental systems. The high resolution optical encoder, high stiffness low inertia design make the AR 2000ex extremely  versatile and appropriate for a wide variety of applications including characterization of delicate structures in fluids of any including viscosity, polymer melts, solids, and reactive materials.