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Complex for research of the particle size distribution



Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences


Equipment complex for research of particle size distribution in suspensions, emulsions and dry powdery materials.

Particle Size Analyzer Mastersizer 2000 by Malvern Instruments:

Comprehensive particle sizing

The Mastersizer 2000 is a practical, reliable solution to the everyday particle sizing needs of industry. Driven by Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), the system has set exacting standards in laser diffraction particle sizing. The Mastersizer 2000 embodies a great deal of expertise and experience. It also comes with the assurance of Malvern’s long history in particle sizing and the company’s strong culture of customer-focused innovation.

Measurements made simple.

Malvern’s systems approach to sample dispersion, instrument control and measurement has resulted in full automation and SOP-driven operation for the Mastersizer 2000, dramatically reducing the need for user intervention.

Robust measurements.

The versatility and wide dynamic range of the Mastersizer 2000 make it suitable for a diverse range of applications. Configuring the system for individual use is entirely straightforward, as is changing between different measurement types.

Qualified  performance

A total quality approach is central to all Malvern Instruments’ operations. The company has ISO9001:2000 with TickIT accreditation and is able to provide full traceability of changes in software and design. Naturally the Mastersizer 2000 also meets the rigorous quality and validation requirements demanded throughout modern industry.

Presenting the sample

Inadequate sample dispersion is a major source of measurement error and one that is shared across all particle sizing techniques. By making sample dispersion an integral part of the measurement process, the Mastersizer 2000 directly addresses this issue. A wide range of software-controlled sample dispersion units allows the dispersion conditions to be matched to individual applications and samples. Whether you are measuring inert, hazardous or abrasive materials, wet or dry, solvent based or aqueous dispersions, fragile or robust samples – there is a Mastersizer 2000 dispersion unit designed for the job.