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Common Use Center "Center High Chemical Technologies and High-tech Physico-chemical Studies



Perm National Research Polytechnic University

CUS "Center of Chemical Technologies and High-tech Physico-chemical Studies"


Areas and general lines of scientific researches:

  • Development the tecnologies of production: synthesis, investigation of properties and applications of tailored substances and materials.
  • Development the tecnologies of production: synthesis, investigation of properties and applications of transition metal alkoxides.
  • Development of technologies and investigation of their properties for producing ultra- and nanodispersed powders of simple and mixed oxides of metals from aqueous and aqueous-organic media.
  • Study and refinement of the processes of crystallization of organic and inorganic products.
  • Development the physicochemical processing datum surface of  production of inorganic sorbents for various purposes.
  •  Improving the technology of vanadic pentoxide.
  • Oil refining and petroleum chemistry:

Stimulation the refinement processes of oil, gas and petrochemical industries refinement;

Development the technology of production and compounding of oxidized, compounded residual-oxide and polymer-modified bitumen;

Study the influence of a pour point depressant on the physicochemical properties and performance characteristics of fuels and oils;

Stimulation of the processes of preparation and purification of the  light hydrocarbons from the hydrogen sulfide and other organic sulfur compounds and also their disposal;

  • Development of recommendations: how to use the reagents for oil production processes and oil treatment at oil field of petrol companies.
  • Study of the interrelationship between structure and properties of the individual components of the production of motor oils and commercial products based on oils.
  • The improvement the index of goodness of oil products.
  • Development of technologies for the processing of potash ores and salt residues.
  • Produced water conditioning of industrial plants and waste neutralization of chemical industry
  • Development of technology of production of mediacal preparations with sorption and antimicrobial activity.

Service list:

  • Electron-microscopic analysis of samples of paper, potash ores, potash fertilizers, alloy samples, anticorrosive material, protective coatings, paints, cover foils, half-finished and waste materials of chemicals, mining and chemicals, metallurgical and machine-building concerns
  • Study of the thermal stability of solid and liquid materials, polymeric and composite materials. Determination the speed of reaction by heating process, with an accurate assessment of thermal effects, loss of weight, the composition of gases evolved. plants, regeneration of catalysts, study of the processes and the burning of thermal transformations in the production of materials with special properties
  • Qualitative analysis of the phase composition of the crystalline materials, ores, deciphering the mineralogical composition of impurities, alloys salt waste, all crystalline intermediates and products, coatings, composite materials, etc.
  • Measurement of average particle size of the conditional, the total specific surface, the specific external surface mesopore volume, micropore volume, pore size distribution, adsorption and desorption isotherms
  • Determination of the active sites on the catalysts porosity
  • Analysis and computer processing of optical images of the particles, samples of materials, statistical analysis of the measurements
  • Analysis of the distribution of the microparticles dusts, materials, metal oxides size in gases
  • Analysis of the chemical composition of the liquid, solid and gaseous inorganic and organic substances, petroleum, oils
  • Analysis of the product, waste water, water solutions for the maintenance of heavy metals and other ions with very high sensitivity, high purity materials, nanomaterials and others.
  • Determining the concentration of methane, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide in gas mixtures, analysis of alcohols, aldehydes, carboxylic acids in solutions, analysis of higher saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and their esters, ethers, esters, halogenated hydrocarbons Analysis ; pesticides; polychlorinated biphenyls; vegetable fats (oils); aromatic and polyaromatic compounds, including phenol; hydrocarbon mixtures of oil and oil products
  • Determining the concentration of a large number of organic substances in liquid media
  • Analysis of amine flotation agents, oils, fuels, waste water potash companies, the chemical composition of the exhaust of internal combustion engines, diesel engines, working in the potash mines
  • Determination of the particle size in the liquid phase. Analysis of the distribution of the microparticles by size in liquids
  • Determination of bitumen aging methods ASTM D6, D1754 and / or EN 12607-1, ASTM D2872 on thermostats Koehler
  • Determination of surface and interfacial tension of liquids by static or dynamic methods
  • The content of the elements C, H, N, S and O in the CHNSO analyzer EA3000
  • Distillation of crude oil and petroleum products by the methods ASTM D2892, Standard 11011 for installation Automaxx 9400. Distillation heavy oil and oil products by the methods ASTM D5236 to install Automaxx 9400
  • High distillation of petroleum products and organic fluids installation 36-100
  • Analysis in solid products and powders, the content of elements from Na to U in the rentgenfluorestsentnom spectrometer
  • Carrying out chemical processes on catalysts


Varian 4000 Performance ExMSMS (USA)

The equipment allows to separate and identify the organic compounds and perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of the composition of petroleum products, petrochemicals and chemicals.

Varian ProStar 210 (USA)

The equipment allows the analysis of oils, fuels, amine flotation agents, sewage and other companies. Chromatograph can be used for quantitative analysis of polycyclic aromatic compounds in diesel fuels, additives in oils and others.

Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS

Equipment is designed for the determination of molecular weight and the zeta potential of the dispersed particles in solution and molecules.

Vibrating sieving analyzer ACB-200 is designed for dry sieving into several size fractions of bulk materials in a batch mode. It used in the laboratory, including during a standardized test.

Equipment for modeling process of oil refining and petrochemistry: thermocatalytic on solid catalysts R-301 and R-201 liquid phase.