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Center for High-Tech Machinery Facilities



Perm National Research Polytechnic University

Competence Center for High-Tech Machinery Facilities


The purposes of creating the Center for High-Tech Machinery Facilities:

  • Conducting scientific research, developing and engineering works based on laboratories equipped with unique scientific high-tech equipment
  • Preparation of highly qualified specialists and academics for activity in modern conditions of engineering industries.

The main objectives of the Center for High-Tech Machinery Facilities:

  • Coordination and realization the fundamental and applied research, development and engineering works in the area of high-tech engineering industries, modern methods of product design and flexible manufacturing processes of precision machining.
  • Introduction of perspective innovative developments in various sectors of the economics.        
  • Training, retraining and advanced training of teachers and specialists in the spheres of structural design, technological support of manufacturing facility and material processing.
  • Organization of trainings, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and other events for realization of scientific goals of the PNRPU’s research center.

General activities of the Center for High-Tech Machinery Facilities:

  • The development and introduction of advanced technological processes and also creation of technical documentation based on computer-aided design system.
  • Testing and diagnostics of technological processes, equipment, tools, automation and control facilities; accomplishment of experimental works for testing and research of technological processes and processing modes.
  • Provision of engineering services, preparation of feasibility studies and calculations, the data compilation for design, conduction of marketing researches, services of consulting and information sharing in sphere of  engineering and technologies, examination of documentation, representation and other services;
  • Development of design and technological documentation in the sphere of provision of engineering production, feasibility studies, technology regulations, technical and technological standards;
  • Creation and insertion of information databases, data processing, software development in the general areas and types of activities
  • Organization and conducting seminars, conferences, exhibitions and other events to achieve the aims of The center of High-Tech Engineering Production, including participation of foreign legal entities and individuals;
  • Organization of training and practice at home in Russia and abroad
  • Cooperation with Russian and foreign scientific and educational centers and universities in the framework of PNRPU;
  • Development, publication and release of normative, methodical, instructional, reference and information materials.


ISTIR Process Development System (PDS)

The ISTIR Process Development System (PDS) is one of an array of leading-edge friction stir welding (FSW) systems developed by MTS Systems Corporation to provide the advanced capability and versatility to explore a wide range of friction stir welding technology applications and facilitate the transition of FSW from the laboratory to your production floor. Suitable for basic research, prototyping, or short production runs, the flexible ISTIR PDS is the first fully instrumented friction stir welding research system capable of performing load-controlled welds along three independent axes - X, Z, and Pin. It has reliably produced welds with double curvature, joined materials less than 1mm and up to 30mm thick, and joined together materials that vary in thickness.

Complex "Competence Centre of high-tech engineering production" as part of:

Mycenter-HX400iFTGA Horizontal Machining Center

  • Large Work Envelope. Workpiece Dia x Height – 27.6” x 37.8”
  • Positioning accuracy: ±0.000078”/full stroke, Repeatability: ±0.000039”
  • Patented twin ballscrew/twin servo motor driven axis drive system
  • Highest grade meehanite cast iron construction with solid box ways
  • 4-Step gear driven 13,000rpm spindle delivers high torque & fine finish capability
  • Intelligent advanced control system with ballscrew cooling for thermal stability
  • Full 4th axis rotary table with high resolution rotary scale (Pos ±7.5 arc/sec)

Matec-40 HV

Matec-40 HV is based on the concept of the long-bed machine matec-40 L. One of the particular machine features is a swivel head. A variety of CNC rotary tables in connection with the swivel head allow 5-side or three dimensional machining of work parts. The long X-axis and the swivel head swivelling 105° to both sides guarantee multilateral machining of long profiles or shafts in multiple clamping.

Non-contact optical digitizing and measuring system ATOSIII+TRITOP

The system is intended for 3D digitization and measurement, inspection of geometry and reverse engineering. Fast calibration procedure, calibration self-test during operation. The maximum size of the measured object is 20 × 10 × 10 m.

Zprinter® 650

Best-in-class, high performance ZPrinter 650 meets the needs of the most demanding application environments, with superior color and resolution, the industry's largest build volume, and high throughput.

The system is designed for the analysis of the level of residual stresses on the basis of X-ray diffraction and defectoscopy without crippling the control objects.