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  • Bosello High Technology
    Bosello High Technology

    Company located in Lombardy (northern Italy) founded in 1962 by President Aldo Bosello, operates from years 80 in the field of NDT (non-destructive testing), and specifically in industrial radioscopy. Currently, with its staff of about 50 employees located in Cassano Magnago, in the province of Varese, is currently among the world leaders in the field.


  • Elmarco

    Elmarco is the industry′s first and leading supplier of scale nanofiber production equipment. We build our success on partnerships with global industry leaders in a wide area of applications and on a close and active cooperation with leading universities worldwide.


  • BioSpace Lab
    BioSpace Lab

    Biospace Lab - originally Biospace Mesures - was founded in 1989 by Nobel Prize winner Georges Charpak to provide fellow researchers in biology with innovative imaging tools based on his discoveries in high-energy physics and particle detection. Since then, Biospace Lab has pursued and created strong links with the medical, pharmaceutical and scientific communities to bring relevant and creative solutions to biomedical imaging needs. Today, Biospace Lab range of instruments, developed with patented technologies, is dedicated to small animal preclinical imaging.



    OPTEC LLC is a partner of the world leading manufacturers of unique equipment and supplies their best advanced technologies used in many well-known universities and research centers, laboratories, clinics, industrial facilities. This approach provides our customers the possibility to achieve and hold the leading positions in their fields of activities.


  • Instron

    oday, Instron remains committed to delivering the highest quality, leading-edge technologies and services designed to push the boundaries of research, quality control and service-life testing. Our systems evaluate the mechanical properties of materials and structures using tensile, compression, flexural, fatigue, impact, dynamic, torsional and multi-axial loading.


  • PION Inc.
    PION Inc.

    Pion offers a range of instruments and analytical services that improve lead generation, optimization and selection. All our solutions include API-sparing techniques designed to measure and predict the critical physicochemical properties of target molecules.


  • Kayser Inc.
    Kayser Inc.

    Kayser Technology, Inc. provides modern and powerful pilot plant equipment used to improve commercial petroleum and chemical operations throughout the world.


  • LECO Corporation
    LECO Corporation

    In 1936, we introduced the first rapid carbon determinator to the American iron and steel industry, and the LECO name quickly became synonymous with fast, accurate results. Although much has changed over the years, one thing has remained the same—customers around the world still count on LECO for results they can trust.


  • BAV Corporation
    BAV Corporation

    BAV Corporation is an official distributor of major North American and European manufacturers of road repair, development and maintenance equipment and materials.