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“Center of Innovative Technologies” is a part of the companies group “TENTO Engineering” which is among the largest players of the system integration market of the Perm Region that started their activities in 1992 by realization of the complex projects in hi-tech market segment – telecommunications, industrial automation, information technologies, security systems, etc.

2008 there was created a business sector inside the group which is the engineering company “Center of Innovative Technologies”. Its specialization is complex supply and engineering of technologies aimed to give modern scientific research solutions.

Since 2012 CIT is an independent company which implements the projects of hi-tech equipment supplies and research labs establishment.


In our work we approach the given tasks in a systematical and complex way while attracting the best foreign and Russian scientists and engineers.


Nowadays, in the age of revolutionary discoveries and dramatic growth of scientific knowledge it is utmost important to be up to date, being focused on the modern application technologies which are able to meet the requirements of the developing market.

“Center of Innovative Technologies” is a team of experts who are able to offer their knowledge and expertise for giving solutions for the most complicated challenges.


 Among our clients are:

  • Higher educational establishments
  • Research institutions
  • Institutions of the Russian Academy of Science
  • Innovative manufacturing enterprises

of Perm, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Saint-Petersburg. We consistently increase our business links all over the Russian Federation.

 Among our partners are:

  • Foreign educational and research institutions
  • Engineering companies
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of hi-tech equipment
  • Innovative companies

They are situated all over the world: in Russia, Germany, Italy, France, South Korea, China, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, India etc.